Welcome to North Dakota Auto Body Association



  • To Promote Good Will Between The Motorist And The Members Of The Corporation.
  • To Have a Sense of Personal Obligation To Each Individual Customer.
  • To Perform High Quality Repair Service At a Fair And Just Price.
  • To Employ The Best Skilled Mechanics Obtainable.
  • To Use Only Proven Merchandise Of High Quality Sold By Reputable Firms.
  • To Itemize All Parts And Adjustments In The Price Charged For Service Rendered.
  • To Retain All Replaced Parts For The Customer's Inspection.
  • To Uphold The High Standards Of Our Profession And Always Seek To Correct Any And All Abuses Within The Automotive Service Industry.
  • To Uphold The Integrity Of All Members Of The N.D. Auto Body Association, Inc.